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Holistic Health

Teaching in the SnowI am not a licensed physician, and do not claim to diagnose or treat diseases. As a holistic health consultant, I recommend the use of nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and gentle, non-invasive bodywork, such as Bowenwork, to support the body in healing itself. My background in Nursing allows me to understand the medical needs and treatments that many of my clients are often working with, at the same time.

A consultation usually lasts an hour. I like my clients to fill out a detailed questionnaire prior to the appointment, so that I can be aware of the major areas of focus.

Bowenwork Practice

I have found this work to be an invaluable addition to my practice, and have been able to help so many clients with their health issues. Bowenwork is a gentle, soft-tissue relaxation technique that resets dysfunctional muscle tension patterns and supports the body in healing itself.  The technique is applied by the practitioner working over muscles, tendons and fascia, at specific locations on the body in order to change the abnormal tension in the tissue.  Bowenwork affects the nervous system, and by creating a deep state of relaxation, can support the whole body in healing itself.

A typical session lasts about 45 minutes to an hour, and is done with the client lying or sitting.  Clients are asked to wear light, loose clothing so that the practitioner can palpate the muscles and tissues without needing to undress the client.  It is recommended to schedule 2 –3 sessions, one week apart for optimal results.


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